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« Lucie Edel plays the peasant girl that Don Quixote hangs for his Dulcinea. Her mezzo-soprano is clear and powerful, timbre and position including her annoyed and angry character. ». Olyrix, Don Quichotte chez la Duchesse of Boisomortier, Royal Opera of  Versailles,  January 28th 2024

« Lucie Edel, as a peasant and lover, is totally convincing, particularly in her virtuoso and agile vocalizations. ». Avant-Scène Opéra, Don Quichotte chez la Duchesse of Boismortier, Royal Opera of Versailles, January 26th 2024

« The character of Sylphie is entrusted to Lucie Edel, whose light mezzo-soprano intervenes discreetly but affirms with vocal balance her care for French prosody. ». Ôlyrix, Echo et Narcisse of Glück, Royal Opera of Versailles, October 21st 2022

« Lucie Edel never sings alone, but her darkly colored soprano tone is skillfully put at the service of a beautiful musical science... ». Forum Opera, Echo et Narcisse of Glück, Royal Opera of Versailles, October 21st 2022

« On stage, Lucie Edel plays Beauty and a Spaniard. His mezzo tone is seductive and his stage performance is graceful. The messa di voce (conducting sung lines) and the vibrato are worked, the ornamentation is precise. ». Ôlyrix, Le Mariage forcé, The City Congress of Nantes, March 3rd 2022

« On stage, we appreciate the beautiful fleshy tone of Lucie Edel. », Diapason Magazine, Le Mariage Forcé, Théâtre Alexandre Dumas in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, February 18th 2022

« The three singers Axelle Fanyo (Flore, Maure, Apothecaire), Lucie Edel (Chimène, Maure, Apothecaire) and Flore Royer (Daphné, Soldat, Maure, Apothecaire) compete here in vocal freshness […]. ». Opera Online, Le Malade imaginaire, Nantes Opera, February 3rd 2022

« […] in the separate parts, Axelle Fanyo particularly shines with a Flora tinged with a solar presence and sensual colors, supervised by Lucie Edel and Flore Royer, as lively as they are charming and with well-matched timbres. ». Forum Opera, Le Malade imaginaire, Nantes Opera, February 1st 2022

« Lucie Edel lends her light and supple mezzo voice to the shepherdess Climène, the timbre is clear and the diction careful.  ». Ôlyrix, Le Malade imaginaire, Nantes Opera, January 24th 2022

« Let's salute the charming sopranos of Lucie Edel, Axelle Fanyo and Flore Royer. The second interlude shows them particularly lively, a truly musical enchantment. ». Diapason Magazine, Le Malade imaginaire, Massy Opera, January 17th 2022

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